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Hello, we're Next Wave Europe: content focused, data smart, media agnostic, curious. We're an award-winning integrated agency active in the CEE region.

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Content marketing is now multichannel: it is happening in social media, in SEO, in native advertising, in PR and beyond. We're dedicated to the challenge of infusing content into the customer journey and to integrate all these channels to effectively achieve omnichannel.
Next Wave Europe has one of the most advanced branded content and native advertising production capabilities in the region.

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creative strategy - served fresh daily

Our core services:

  • Brand audit and strategy
  • E-Commerce and omnichannel solutions
  • Content marketing with inhouse native content studio
  • Creative production: TVCs, video, animation, transmedia
  • Digital: web and mobile development, CMS, SEO, PPC
  • Design: UX and UI, key visual development, brand identity
  • Employer branding: internal and external HR communication

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Small, medium or large, we find inspiration in partnerships and collaboration.

Our former and current engagements include L’Oréal Paris, UPC, Libri, Nike, Takarék Bank, Garnier, eDigital, Hungarian Post, Coca-Cola, Central European Media Publishing (CEMP) and many other major B2C and B2B brands. We're happy to work with innovative startups and small businesses too - previous and current partnerships include Stringbike, Maven7, Daazoo and Fruccola.

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case study: Nike

We worked with Nike Running to create the most digitally connected running season ever by integrating social media into Budapest Half Marathon. Runners registering for the race could collect and receive online encouragement from friends to spur them on during the race. A Facebook app, Cheer Me On, let users' friends post personalized motivational messages. These were displayed for individual runners on LED screens, as they passed a sensor during the race and their individual RFID chip was scanned.

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case study: l’oréal paris

We worked out an integrated strategy for L’Oréal Paris that infused social traits into the heart of the brand: friendly, accessible, good listener and agile. We developed a new offline and online space called ‘L’Oréal Budoir” where women can engage with the brand in creative and highly interactive ways.

View our video showreel of Boudoir »

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case study: upc

Our overall strategy aim for this client was to re-strengthen the brand around the notion of “entertainment”. We didn’t see UPC as a cable-infrastructure company: we saw it as a media superhighway for great content. We also wanted to show that TV is not dull at all: it is full of surprises, fresh talent and fantastic programs. 

To bring our concept of “entertainment” to life we created a branded online video show with alternative celebrity TV-blogger, “Sixx” (Attila Varga). Every week we produce an original new episode of the show we named “TV is rockn’roll”. The show takes a behind-the-scenes look at how popular programs and genres are made. Sixx talks with the movers and shakers of television programming, producers, casting directors of reality shows, media psychologists and even detectives and stuntmen with his wry humor and deep insights about television. The show is seeded online and featured on UPC’s Facebook Page we set up at the beginning. On Facebook our branded video content is also complemented with daily content curation, games and TV-related interactive applications - all produced by Next Wave Europe. 

Results: the show has become a quick hit in online video programming with an ever growing audience watching each new episode. UPC has become the second largest TV-broadband brand on Hungarian Facebook in just 4 months. The “TV is rockn’roll” creative concept has won a bronze medal at the coveted “Social Media Best Practice 2011” competition organized by industry-leader Kreativ Magazine.

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case study: otp bank & next wave animations

OTP Bank is Hungary’s biggest commercial bank and also a key player in the region. In 2011 the bank wanted to reach out to a young (13-23) consumer segment with an educational message about the relevance and importance of finances. 
We suggested the popular style of infographics and the genre of animation as our medium for communication. So far, we have produced six episodes with topics ranging from mortgages to savings to credit cards. Our roles include copywriting, art direction, creative direction, character design, animation as well as casting actors for voice-overs, special effects and digital seeding. 

View the CSR Report of OTP »

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case study: subculture mapping

Bols is a market leader company in the business of production, distribution, sales and marketing of alcoholic beverages. Their marketing strategy heavily builds on sponsorship activities as well as on various on-site promotions in clubs and bars in urban hotspots. For a company like Bols it is essential to keep a finger on the pulse of nightlife that is why we decided to develop a very special methodology for charting subcultures. Our research of Budapest nightspots mapped the essential subcultures providing insights, awareness and information on places, people, trends, fashion and consumption patters. 

The research utilized various ethnographic techniques and had a very visual output that included photographs, videos, notes and Google Map mashups.

At Next Wave we deeply believe that ethnography is the best research format to uncover insights that inspire great creative work. We also think that ethnography is the most “social” form of research that builds on communities, interactions, observations and dialogue.

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case study: instantart

At Next Wave Europe we are avid fans of Instagram, the free photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a wacky digital filter, then share it all over on social networks. We were also thrilled to see how Instagram users captured the spirit and essence of Budapest so we decided to build an application and an event around this pop-cultural phenomenon. 

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meet the team

Next Wave Europe is a multidisciplinary team of strategists, planners, consultants and creative producers. Our core team consists of over 40 professionals now.

You can meet us in our main hub in Budapest, on LinkedIN or on Facebook. You can also often see us on the local conference circuit and at leading Budapest universities (ELTE, Corvinus, CEU Business School) where some of us are involved in teaching engagements.

smart commerce

The mission of our Smart Commerce Unit is to provide tech oriented vision and strategy to companies and brands that want to progress in the digital realm. With our tech affinity and wide digital marketing experience we provide comprehensive solutions in e-commerce, in the field of business strategy, performance marketing, UX/UI and omnichannel.

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learning & training

"Learning never exhausts the mind" - Leonardo da Vinci

We offer a variety of workshops and in-house learning opportunities for our clients. We also provide executive briefing and coaching sessions. Our recent offerings include the following high-rated learning&training opportunities:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Customer Journey Planning and Omnichannel
  • Content Strategy Masterclass
  • Digital Analytics
  • Employer Branding
  • Digital Transformation and Change Management

Our workshops and trainings are half, single or double day events.

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Next Wave Europe is active across the CEE region with headquarters in Budapest. Our office serves as a creative atelier for our team, clients, friends and visitors.

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